It's not got the best reputation to be fair. Growing up in the town throughout the 1990s has impacted the way locals see the world; for many, the brutal architecture, underdog status and rough edges have become part of their identity. Fearbone intends to honour that history.

Fearbone is a platform for the founder to acknowledge their journey and share what it means to hail from Northampton. Even when you leave, you take the spirit with you and they hope that in some small way, their designs allow others to express their solidarity with that... or perhaps there's just nothing else clean in the drawer.
"This striking design is our tribute to the original bowling alley in town, which we loved so well. buy two and keep one spare."
"Express yourself with this uplifting design, based on Northampton's own lift tower. hit the button and elevate your wardrobe game now."
Brand Design
Square and portrait logotypes with custom typography
branded photography for instagram wall panels
Fearbone Website
Website design, including online shop integration.
Role: Branding/typography/Photography/Apparel Design/Web Design/Copywriting
Client: Fearbone
Date: 2018-22
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