For Jimmy believe that the issues of anger, confrontation and violence in our communities will not be altered by ever harsher punishment and retributive action. It is their view that we will only achieve safer and more cohesive communities by working together and understanding the root causes of the issues we are seeking to rectify. This involves early intervention, education and engagement with young people and their communities.
Style Guide
As the Lead Designer at For Jimmy, my role involved evolving and defining the parameters of the brand world, and subsequently creating a guide to allow the charity to maintain control of their image in the future.
"We have the power to build the type of communities we all want to live in."
Stories For Jimmy
The magazine featured a collection of people who had been moved by Jimmy's story to do something amazing in their own community, to make it a safer and more peaceful place for young people to live.
Fundraising Guides
Fundraising materials are exclusively Engaging, bright and positive; to reflect the charity's message. The following is an example of the many documents which reflect the charity's work.
ROLE: BRANDING / PRINT Design / Photography / Typography / Layout / Illustration / Signage
DATE: 2015 - 2019
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