Motherdom is a new mental wellbeing magazine for parents with children under five who are interested in maintaining positive mental wellbeing. The magazine's founding editor is Anna Ceesay, a former BBC journalist and mum-of-two with personal experience of maternal mental health issues.
The Motherdom logotype evokes the confident but kind ethos of the brand, while the first letter can also work as a logo mark on its own. Anna requested a palette that was Strong and positive, while avoiding colours typically associated with health information.
Portrait Photography
Anna is the founding editor and face of Motherdom. The aim was to capture a genuine and revealing image to represent the confident but intimate nature of her brand.
Magazine Design
The Motherdom magazine design is clean, contemporary and purposefully steers clear of typical 'self-help' and 'health industry' design tropes, instead opting for a more editorial-inspired aesthetic.
ROLE: Branding / Layout / Portraiture / Social Media assets
DATE: 2019
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