Sherif Dhaimish
Client: Pendle Press
Year: 2020
Anna Ceesay
Client: Motherdom
Year: 2018
Talmud Bah
Client: Talmud Bah
Year: 2017
Client: Westpark Music/Faustus
Year: 2016
Jen Holt
Client: Jen Holt
Year: 2015
Dominic Pajak
Client: Dominic Pajak
Year: 2015
Ghassan Fergiani
Client: Darf Publishers
Year: 2015
Akin Gazi
Client: Akin Gazi
Year: 2015
James Thurgill
Client: James Thurgill
Year: 2012
Russ Russell
Client: Russ Russell
Year: 2012
Timothy Trimingham Lee
Client: Timothy Trimmingham Lee
Year: 2011
Peter Wiedmann
Client: Peter Wiedmann
Year: 2010
Jen Holt
Client: Jen Holt
Year: 2010
Ven Wellington
Client: Ven Wellington
Year: 2009
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