Reformat are an experimental electronic rock band from London. Their sound evokes the world of 1980s sci-fi movies and bold and conceptual visuals are an integral part of the band's identity.
The logo
The logo is built around a custom typeface which draws influence from printed circuit boards and the broader 8-bit aesthetic. It symbolises future dystopias from a vintage viewpoint and was inspired by the fleeting paranoia surrounding the 'Millennium Bug'.
The colour palette evolved from an illustration commissioned for 'The Singularity' album sleeve. The artist [Ghostshrimp] is also responsible for Cartoon Network's 'Adventure Time' backgrounds.
Choose your own adventure
The concept was an 'interactive music video' in the style of an early text-based adventure game, where the song would evolve as the user progressed and the music shifted dynamically with the narrative. The resulting 'choose your own adventure' story was also presented as a small booklet in the album sleeve.
Promotional Photography
Promotional shot for album two announcement.
music video: Hot/Knives
The idea was conceived around a pseudo-dystopian television advert for a product originally designed to erase unwanted memories. It's prone to malfunctioning/being hacked and deleting people's sense of self.
music video: System Terror
The video for System Terror involved extrapolating a narrative from the amazing illustration provided by GHOSTSHRIMP and bringing it to life with animation.
"I survived the Millennium Bug and all I got was this lousey t-shirt"
Limited run printed in both silver on black and black on grey.
"Break the cycle before this moment is forever"
Role: Branding/Layout/Typography/Illustration/Photography/Video
Date: 2015–2019

Back to life, back to reality...